The best things in life are free,” Love, friendship, kindness, smile, air, sun light, moon and stars -- shouldn’t education be free? All digital goods on the Internet are expected to be free – E-mail, Search, Social Networking, Content, News … Access to learning is a human right. Students are our precious resource for future global leadership. is a FREE open education content web portal for Andhra Pradesh SSC curriculum specific multimedia content. It is an open distribution platform for students, teachers, schools and content creators who come together to share, inform, connect, collaborate, and learn. is a sub-portal of U-Sky is a growing compilation of over 0.4 million (4 lakh) Curated, expert and peer reviewed education material comprising of different categories and sub-categories of learning resources in different formats. You can search or browse the learning material on U-Sky. You can upload your own material. You can create your own library, form groups, collaborate and communicate.  We believe in the sharing economy, we believe reusable educational content and resources should be shared. All resources on U-sky are FREE to individual users and Government schools.


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